Versions of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a state of mind, one that can be induced by a hypnotist. It is thought to be a combination of the conscious mind, and subconscious mind perceived simultaneously. This technique is not that hard to conceive as many of us have had daydreams where we are envisioning being in a place, perhaps far away, only to come back to our normal state of awareness. During a hypnosis session, a hypnotist can access the subconscious mind of an individual and make subtle suggestions. Hypnosis therapy is a way of influencing the way a person thinks or feels. It has been beneficial in helping many people eliminate bad habits from their life such as preventing them from smoking, drinking, or even eliminating certain fears that they have had all of their lives. Let’s discuss some of the best types of hypnosis therapy that exist today, one of which you may want to consider trying if there is something about your life that you would like to change.

Different Types Of Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnotherapy has been used to help individuals for quite some time. Although many of these people may have a background in psychology or psychiatry, more people than ever before have received credentials or certifications after completing a course on hypnotherapy. Depending upon the result that you are trying to achieve, different types of hypnosis therapy can be used – here are some examples for weight loss. There is traditional hypnotherapy, one that uses the power of suggestion to affect the subconscious mind. These sessions are typically designed to impart straightforward ideas into the subconscious, some of which can have significant changes in the daily lives of those that go through this type of therapy. There is analytical hypnotherapy which is an advanced form of hypnotherapy, one that is administered during much longer sessions, helping people get to the root of the problems that they are facing. Other types of hypnotherapy include clinical hypnotherapy which is administered by those that do this for a living at their place of business. Cognitive or behavioral hypnotherapy is designed to affect the perceptions, behaviors, and responses that a person will have in certain situations. There is one type of hypnotherapy that is very effective, one that has been used for decades that has proven to be one of the best at helping people change their lives for the better. It is a combination of hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming, also referred to as NLP.

Hypnotherapy And NLP

Neurolinguistic programming is a type of hypnotherapy that can be administered to change a person’s attitude. It will affect their emotional state, their perception of themselves, and help them accomplish goals that may seem insurmountable. It was popularized back in the 1970s by Dr. Richard Bandler, an individual that was able to show how NLP could affect positive change in just minutes on national television. He was able to cure a person’s phobia of snakes and provided many other examples, of how neuro linguistic programming was able to tap directly into the subconscious mind with minimal effort at all. Although most types of hypnotherapy require a person to be in a profound trance, this is not true with NLP at all.

If you would prefer working with a certified psychiatrist that also performs hypnotherapy, you can set an appointment with one of these individuals in your city. You may find reviews for these people, choosing one that has a significant amount of positive feedback. Whether they are going to use analytical, clinical, cognitive, or behavioral hypnotherapy, they will need to use the one that will help you with your immediate issues. You may also find those that practice NLP that have similar positive feedback, and you can always use CDs that will induce a state of self-hypnosis that can help you as you fall asleep at night. The human mind is the key to many of the problems that we have. Our conscious mind causes us to develop patterns of behavior and perceptions that we will have most of our lives. By directly affecting the subconscious mind through these different types of hypnosis therapy, you will see many positive changes in your life as a result of using hypnotherapy to your advantage.

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